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我们定期举办咖啡活动,家长照顾者可以前来与服务提供商讨论您的意见。  我们还举办年度信息和欢乐日以及其他会议和活动。 8 至 25 岁有额外需求的年轻人及其兄弟姐妹可以参加我们的特殊联合活动发表他们的意见 - 请参阅我们的专特别联合页面.

请注意,此页面的英文版拥有最新信息。  如果您以不同的语言查看此页面,请同时确认英文页面上的详细信息。

Our next Coffee Evening is 27th June with Joyshree Saikia, Reading Inclusion Support in Education Team.
Joyshree would like to hear your views re yr 6 - yr 7 transition and preparing students for life beyond school

Thursday 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

RISC, 35-39 London St, Reading, RG1 4PS

More information

Reading Families Forum Annual Parent Carer Survey

Over 100 parent carers completed our survey. We have shared the anonymised survey results with health, social care and education managers in Reading.

The 5 winners of a £20 Amazon

Voucher were CM, CF, SG, SH and AM.

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